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Quick and Intuitive Profile Configuration in 3 steps

Alice has an intuitive interface allowing users to quickly configure and customize the app just the way they want.

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We Have a Lot of Useful Solutions for You

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  • Calendar planning of business tasks
  • Easy work with clients’ feedback
  • Management of your company’s projects

Use Our Stickers to Tell About Your Emotions

With Alice, you get instant access to over 800 sticker collections available for free to every registered user of our messenger.

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Powerful Tool for Tracking the Statistics

Our Statistics Module integrated into Alice App is a powerful tool that gathers all important data on your company’s commercial success on one screen, including the features that are not offered by other developers that are popular nowadays. These features are:

  • Daily/Weekly sales summary
  • Amount of converted leads
  • Number of referrals and opened newsletters
24/7 support

Free & Responsive Support

We are always ready to help you solve any issues you may encounter while using Alice. Our Customer Support is available 24/7.

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